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Promotion locations in train stations

Train and subway stations are frequented by an extremely high number of visitors each day. Here, you have the chance to promote your brand, products and services to an incredibly big audience. In addition, restaurants, food courts and convenience stores invite travellers to spend more time in and around stations and enable for sustained interactions between your brand and its target audience. Promotion locations in train and subway stations are great places for promotions independently of the weather. Start shaping experiences with business travellers, tourists, commuters and students.

Train and subway stations at a glance

With promotion spaces in train stations, you can reach a maximum number of people who represent a cross-section of society. Those spaces are great for promotions which are not subject to weather conditions and enable you to interact with travellers, tourists, commuters and students.

Target audience

  • Cross-section of society
  • Business travellers
  • Tourists (subject to location)
  • Students and commuters


  • Maximum number of visitors each day
  • Travellers welcome distractions while waiting
  • Promotions are not subject to weather conditions
  • Easy booking and integration into roadshows

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